Sobre nosotros

We dive enthusiasts, are not only a shop where you can buy, live diving!

From our experience we always advise on the criteria given to us to know how they work, that result and what they really need when we are down there.

What material is going to go well for the type of diving we practice, that material is not perhaps the most appropriate, ultimately, we know what do you need and what you have left ...

Our experience in the diving world dates from 1999, is since then that we dive into this unique sport in that form us how we stop every year until 2015 in which asolemos levels of instruction:

This comprehensive and ongoing training is the approach that brings us to advise our clients in what may be the most successful in each case. No diver or equal to another with exactly the same needs...

Our team consists of:

Silvia Manzano (invoicing and sales)

Eva Manzano (sales and management)

Jonas Perez (manager)


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